Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Learning to bite my tongue..

They say if you have a crush on someone it only last 4 months... And if you like them after that you love them. 

What if you have to put up with them. That you think it's better to shut up and stay where you are. 

When I love someone else for all the things they done for me when I was at my lowest. What does it mean when you love them more then the person you been seeing. In my shoes use to walk away. What if I want him more? He's more independent. He works hard. He deserves to be happy. I know I should to but the biggest sacrifice is giving up your own happiness for someone you love. 

I'd be happy to give him my luck and happiness. He has Murphy's law fallow him everywhere. 

If I go home doe that meant there's a chance for me and him? Let alone me having and family of my own?

This questions will take to long for me to find out. I'd rather take being alone, and see him happy. 

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