Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Steel Toe Boots... May Weigh You Down But Not Me!!!

Edited by Nicole. Picture from Atomic Zombie - Edmonton (look close and find me)

We all get that feeling, that one when you want something... And can't have it. But question is IS IT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT? 

I want something that I can't have. I've almost given up on it. Will I ever fully give up on it? Answer is No, I won't cause I care to much. Cause just want him happy. And yes, that means without me even. 

I have a guy that treats me like a princess. Do I take him for granted. No, I know he loves me. Even though it's been 3 months that we have met and had coffee. It's still hard to except everything. I tell him almost everything about my Ex just never about other guys I like. 

I miss my Ex. He was my closest best friend. Do I think you can be just friends with Ex's... Nope I've tried. You still love them. 

As for the guy that would have my heart in a heart beat if he said the word doesn't care or seems to think I'm going to try and up one him. When he's wrong. I've became close to the two lady's we both talk to. Actually since talking to her about her issues and how she feels. I'm willing to help her. I'd help they get out of the tight crunch. 

But will the good news. I'm trying no let that stop me from being happy. 
Happiness is key even when you can't have what you want. You control being happy now do it. 

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