Thursday, 20 November 2014

"..What the.."

Every get those people you just want to love but they confuse the shit out of you? 

Cause I totally would use total different words if it was just me reading this. 

Why can't you just wake up? Can't get your head out of you ass? You say your lonely, just to turn around and use the words that you know will hurt me. Though I didn't even say anything like that to mean I want to be with you. 

You know how I feel. Hell even everyone e who was worried about you knows I care. And that it doesn't have mean I have to be with you or "together." I just want you okay preferable happy, but thy is your choice. Not mine. 

We worry about you. You want someone to care. To love you. But then tell me nope don't want it.. I don't want anyone there the next moment. 

Do you only think that way cause you don't like care for me as I do? Or is it that you don't think you deserve it? I'd walk to hell and back for you. Even if it's just as a friend. Do you even understand that? What will happen when I move on bs you are left there sitting thinking? I won't say it anymore to you. You know how I feel. I won't bring it up unless you do. Even then I'm not going to say it. I'm not going to drag it out. It makes me sad to see you flight with yourself everyday. Another day, another fight to stay alive. Part of the darkness is your own doing. Except a helping hand. You don't care the wight of the world. 

You may not change. Maybe one day you will. But will it be to late?

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